Immersion Weekend


accelerate and integrate your life-flow

Conscious Businesses are on the rise and the industry will keep growing rapidly in the coming years! We-Flow’s intention culture and business-ready practices can fuel your work with play and connection from start-up to corporate! By the end of the Immersion Weekend, you can take a seat in the first row of this global phenomenon of conscious business and become a leader in this practice.

The value you will receive:

• You will experience 2 months of accelerating and simultaneously integrating flow

• You will transform through 2 full days in this space dedicated to the enactment of your deepest gifts & purpose

• You will be supported with access to a weekly back-up session of up to 25min to get you back into flow.

• You will receive an opportunity to steward the We-Flow space by yourself – in a way that’s directly actionable in your existing profession.

• You will receive actionable keys to enhance your other group/we-space facilitation skills.

• You will receive access to the We-Flow blueprint document.

• You will be invited to contribute to the evolution of the practice itself.

• You will receive the possibility to request a commercial license partnership. We-Flow can be purchased as a framework to develop your own company culture or your own products.

Develop mastery in:

  • Conscious leadership in a professional context, as a persistent way of working

  • Action-oriented collective intelligence in teams & meetings

  • Emotional Intelligence and psychological safety

  • Skillfully noticing and navigating contexts to efficiently enact company’s purpose

  • Coaching colleagues 1-on-1 using the We-Flow modality

  • Creating and facilitating an explicit culture

“We-flow is a dynamic set of practices that can transform any challenge into practical forward movement on what is most important for the collective mission.”
— Stéphane Segatori, We-Flow Co-Originator & Course-Leader

We-Flow Online Session

What is the Structure of the Course?

The course will last for 6 months with an additional 2-month follow-up phase. It is 100% experiential, directly applied to your live business needs:

  • 3 Class Room integration sessions – 4 days each (This isn’t just a workshop, you are invited to get supported, and make progress on your most important projects)

    • 12-15 January 2023

    • 9-12 March 2023

    • 1-4 June 2023

  • 24/7 Back-up and support access for 8 months from other students and trainers

  • Full access to all We-Flow Documentation including 32+ practices and materials for working with Business Clients

  • Weekly integral calls (2hrs) where you make progress on your most important projects. And many other perks!

Location: Seminar center in Amersfoort, Netherlands (And Online!)

“We-Flow is my map to have a massive amount of fun while getting a huge amount of things done.”
— Jason Digges, Authentic Relating International Co-Founder


The conscious leader gains a key capacity to perceive the default culture and all the unspoken rules. The unexploited potential within the company can then be worked with directly.

New collective possibilities are made explicit and a wave of incremental change takes birth in the organization.


We are a group of individuals who welcome the growing need in our societies for spaces that enable people’s biological purpose as much as their transformative one. We are experiencing such mutually-beneficial spaces emerge as we gather, even & especially in professional contexts.

holistic & Whole being

The Stewardship Course is an enablement training that is designed to help optimize all aspects of life; from optimal states for performance and emotional regulation to life-purpose and relationships up until leadership & business facilitation.

Course Leader

Course Leader


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