Focus on what is most important to you – right now

We-Flow is a set of integrated practices, that gives space for your individual genius to be born from the interaction of multiple hearts & minds in real time. Therefore its nature contains the transmission of human connection itself.

We focus on the disciplines of

  • Self Stewardship

  • Collective Stewardship

  • Business Stewardship

You will learn how to apply them in real-time,
first in your life, then in your business and finally for your clients.

WE-Flow Essentials course

By popular demand, we have created a new mid-size course that distils the essence of the larger We-Flow Stewardship-Course. It is designed as a high-paced container, that offers you all the essential practices you need for your purpose project to be born.

In this new iteration of the course we are also hosting weekly Project Progress calls in addition to the Integration & Learning Sessions, so you can be sure that you continuously work on your most desired dreams and see significant results throughout and after this course.

First and foremost this is an integration course, not just another training. Many of us have had too much training and need to implement now! The main benefit of the course is all the back-up and support you will receive to complete the essential tasks that are still open for you today.

what to expect?

  • Action-oriented collective intelligence in teams & meetings

  • Support for faster weekly progress on your purpose project

  • Experiencing collective flow states

  • Learning to implement We-Flow, to master impactful events or obstacles in your life

  • Conscious leadership in a professional context, as a persistent way of working

  • Possibility of Certification after successfully implementing We-Flow into your business

“We-flow is a dynamic set of practices that can transform any challenge into practical forward movement on what is most important for the collective mission.”
— Stéphane Segatori, We-Flow Co-Originator & Course-Leader

for and with whom?

The course is intended for 8 participants, who’ll receive personalized attention from our team of 5 trainers. It is designed to give you all the dedicated support you need, to bring your purpose project to life!

We-Flow Online Session

Structure of the 4-Months:

  • 3 x 3 days “Essentials Practice”

    • 1st Weekend live (mandatory)

    • 2nd Weekend hybrid

    • 3rd Weekend live

  • Weekly:

    • 1 project progress & support call (60min) – with everyone

    • 1 stewards’ integration & learning call (90min)

  • Access to 24/7 “back-up” group chat + 2 months aftercare

  • Access to Essentials We-Flow Practice documentation

Additional offerings:

  • 1 online Scary-day “Meet the most scary in your world”

  • Spontaneous Backup calls, up to 8h from trainers

  • Scheduled 1on1 calls, up to 6h from trainers

  • Lifetime Access to the Stewards’ group support

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (And Online!)

“We-Flow is my map to have a massive amount of fun while getting a huge amount of things done.”
— Jason Digges, Authentic Relating International Co-Founder


The conscious leader gains a key capacity to perceive the default culture and all the unspoken rules. The unexploited potential within the company can then be worked with directly.

New collective possibilities are made explicit and a wave towards new ways of working takes birth in the organization.


We are a group of individuals who welcome the growing need in our societies for spaces that enable people’s biological purpose as much as their transformative one. We are experiencing such mutually-beneficial spaces emerge as we gather, even & especially in professional contexts.

holistic & Whole being

The Essentials Course is an enablement training that is designed to help optimize all aspects of life; from optimal states for performance and emotional regulation to life-purpose and relationships up until leadership & business facilitation.

Course Leader


If you have not yet participated in any We-Flow offering, we recommend you to join a free 90min taster. You can find the next scheduled one here.
If you have already participated in a taster or weekend offering, we encourage you to schedule a free Interest Call through this link

For any questions, reach out to connect@we-flow.net.