Stockholm, Sweden


I believe we can access more productivity, creativity and FLOW through pleasure and feeling free in our bodies.

In 2018 I birthed my company Intimate Breath to help people dive into an intimate exploration of their erotic nature. Throughout the years I have seen the powerful impact holistic sexuality coaching has also on other areas of their life, outside of their bedroom life.

WeFlow allowed me to connect lust and excitement with purpose and creative power. My intention is to work and relate effortlessly by listening to my turn-ons. I support others access their full, unobstructed aliveness and connect with their inner beauty.

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What is your favorite part of

We-Flow practice?

Receiving oneself and our own inner beauty.
Feeling the deep impact of peak experiences and the party inside of my body.

What are your gifts?

Aliveness | Self-love | Preciousness | Lust for life | Creation orgasms | Sensuality

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • Accessing creativity through embodiment

  • Connecting your professional life with your pleasure life

  • Upgrading your sex- and intimacy life

  • Navigating relationships

What are some fun facts
about you?

    • I grew up in a bakery so I am easiest won over with cakes and pastries.

    • Sometimes I watch funny or cute animal videos to shift state. It works!

    • I am a cuddle slut and snuggle queen.

    • I like emptying the last bits out of pans and pots.

    • My home country is Belgium but I fell in love with Scandinavian nature.

    “What is your wish for the world?”

    “The kind of life joy that simply makes us

    unstoppable in creating our hearts desires and our genius mind’s visions.”