Belgium, Leefdaal

I am a sales & awareness coach for service providers, coaches, trainers& consultants.

I have 25 years of sales experience in small, medium & large enterprises. The last 5 years I have given 6000 entrepreneurs a different view on sales through her proven Selling from the H.A.R.T method. 

I am also a natural healer, medium & shaman. The unique combination of my skills enables me to coach my clients at deep layers.


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What is your favorite part of
We-Flow practice?


What are your gifts?

My gift is that I am able to inspire entrepreneurs to think bigger, increase their awareness & open their hearts so they can feel confident & worthy.

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • Sales coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Strategic partnership skills

What are some fun facts about you?

I am a kungfu master & I love kickboxing. I love to challenge myself to go out of my comfortzone. My motto is: quitters never win & winners never quit.


What is your wish for the world?

My wish for the world is that we as the human species are able to live from an open heart. People will collaborate to increase win win.