The Hague, Netherlands


What if transforming oneself is the best way to transform the world?

We have a relationship to everything – ideas, material objects, people, sensations, emotions, events, etc. We tend to assume relationships don’t change; therefore, we cannot even imagine how much better life could be.

What if we could transform our relationships in a way that we are happier, more energetic, and loving? What if every single one of our relationships could become playfully sacred?

Think of the thing that annoys you the most in the world. Now think of the
thing that excites you the most. What if you could face the former with as
much joy and power as the latter? Only one way to find out: Let’s play!




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What is your favorite part of

We-Flow practice?

Everything! WeFlow is simply the best container I could imagine for supporting people to embody their beauty and share it with the world; the most practical way to touch freedom and reach previously inconceivable levels of fundamental wellbeing.

What are your gifts?

Allowing | Curiosity | Passion

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • Applied Secularized Buddhism (how the mind works)
  • Personal Growth (embodying our ideal)
  • Space Holding & Facilitating 

What are some fun facts
about you?

    • Challenges get me excited!
    • I’m quite passionate about inequality and the environment
    • I love to go against the norms

    “What is your wish for the world?”

    That everyone can experience the love and beauty that is already here!