These are some of the powerful testimonials that we have collected in more than two years of spreading We-Flow:

“Every week I am discovering more depth in this practice and in myself. It has totally changed how much I see is possible, both for myself and the world we live in.”

Sylvie van den Meerendonk, CEO and Lead Coach of ALIGHTcareers

“We-flow is my map to have a massive amount of fun while having a huge amount of things done! I am so installing this in my life.”

Jason Digges, Co-founder & Teacher at Authentic Relating Training

“I used We-Flow for a couple of coaching session. It was amazing. I just used it without thinking, it was just flowing. Very good reviews from my coaching clients.”

Declaration of Satisfaction: close to 1000%

Sonja Grob, Coach

“I saw shifts in my inner life that were in synergy with other practices that I developed.”

Jan Bruch, CEO & Founder of Goodlife Capital & Neumorgen

“I’m now ready to eat the fear like an energy bar.”

Maria K.

“Thanks to We-Flow I live and work around others in a way that support me in discovering and using my whole potential in a playful and effective manner”

Steward – Mike Klauser, Former CIO and Life Coach

“I’m surprised to find a We-Space that actually helps me ground more than expand”.

Martijn Bos, Board member & Policy advisor

“We-flow gives me an amazing new way of getting things done. It brings a lot of ease, beauty and fun. I am discovering new capacities in myself and gives I have that I didn’t know that were there before. I feel free-er, more impactful and useful to the world, and more in control of where I am going. Also, We-flow is a space that creates a fertile ground for amazing ideas and projects to emerge. All of thing in a network of inspiring and warm relationships, that feel just so sacred.”

Adam el Jaouhari, Entrepreneur and Engineer

“Best investment and return to anything so far. […] How you accompanied me in the last two months is incredibly profound.”

Declaration of Satisfaction: 500 – 1000%

Eiko Sakuma, CEO & Founder of AEMA Inc.