Gertraud Wegst
 Giessen, Germany 


Let’s wonder: What would be possible if everyone knew that everything we need is already here, available for fulfilling our happiest dreams?

Enjoy the transformation journey with a Steward & Coach whose mission it is to:

Being source of appreciation for people and organizations.

We-Flow invites our whole self in all it’s dimensions, providing a safe container in which visions become true with ease, the unthinkable might be just an action away.


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What is your favorite part of

We-Flow practice?

“Not Knowing” out of which all the other practices emerge.
In every area of our lives. It allows us to stop and look anew with a fresh perspective, a beginner’s mind – over and over again.

What are your gifts?

Deep Listening from Not Knowing | A Loving and Caring Heart 
Creating structural safety especially in chaotic and high pressure situations.

  • 1o1 & Group & Business Coaching / Stewarding
  • Space Holding & Facilitating
  • Enjoy Change (group program to master change with joy and appreciation)
  • Participation Processes in Organisations
  • Clearing Calls (short coaching before important occasions)
  • Personal Growth

What are your areas of expertise/specialities?

40 plus years of experience and a big toolbox with client centred and appreciative methods & practices, including my own, like:

  • Master Coaching (>7000 hours) 
  • Appreciative Inquiry AI (Practitioner & Trainer), Open Space, World Café
  • Focusing & SKAN Bodytherapy
  • Client Centred Consulting
  • The Appreciators’ Traffic Light Model 
  • The Appreciators’ Method (Practitioner & Trainer – Shadow work)

What are some fun facts
about you?

  • “What would Gertraud ask me?” Oftentimes it happens that in a coaching session a client takes over, stating a question like this and then goes on and answers it, coming out of the session having done 95% of the talking with clear next steps and being highly satisfied.
  • “Universal Midwife” – I received this title from an international group after I have facilitated a 6 month intense and deep Appreciative Inquiry process.
  • “Ms. Wegst, the sewage pump is broken! Help!” Have you ever tried to find a short 30 minute time window within only 5 hours for turning off the water in a whole nursing home for 117 tenants plus staff so the plumbers can replace a broken sewage pump before the collecting basin spills over? I have. It happened in the morning when it is high time for washing, nursing, cleaning, and the kitchen. I found the one and only time slot by quickly checking with the technicians and the plumbers and then talking to each and every station and department, having to calm everybody down. So, in time, we achieved minimal interruption of the daily routine and work, for the benefit of the tenants.

What is your wish for the world?

My wish for the world is that every child feels welcome, loved, and free to spread

their wings and fulfil their happiest dreams for themselves and the world.”