Juliana Machado

São Paulo, Brazil

Preciousness lies where People are!

Remembering we are human as a tool to heal each other with love, acceptance and non-violence. We have the choice to spend our days in bliss and gratitude, building our paths to better relationships in all levels. I use my heart as a perception organ, my words as transformational a tool and my intellect as a convergence maker for better decisions.





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What is your favorite part of

We-Flow practice?

Enabling us to access the energy and the clarity to bring what is important to the world. It is a simple, yet sophisticated way to overcome our blocks and be what we want to be. It is about choosing our life path with responsibility and joy.

What are your gifts?

I can see people for who they are and I can offer space for their light to shine.
Your inner child is super alive, so I am always inviting playfulness and laughter to the space. In my experience this fosters creativity and healing. I am also trained in deep learning and transformational techniques that might be useful. 😊

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • Agile Learning Experiences
  • Peer Led Learning Experiences
  • Community building
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Self-management tools

What are some fun

facts about you?

  • I think in images
  • I am good in creating metaphors
  • I am the queen of post it notes
  • I love animals and especially baby birds, so uglily cute

“What is your wish for the world?”

I wish people remember the incorruptibility of human kind and wake up to regenerate our home with deep care for every being alive.