Athens, Greece

I believe meaningful, human-based, energizing connections are the driver of business, personal wellbeing and by extension, FLOW!

Connection with ourselves and to each other, and as a result connection to our inner genius, larger purpose and innate creativity.

I help others access their inner power and tap into a constant state of energizing flow and connection. I am particularly skilled at helping others promote themselves and their services authentically. 

Leveraging my background in health and nutrition as well as energy healing, I also love coaching and guiding others to greater states of wellbeing, which is the foundation of everything! 

I also run a branding and digital marketing agency where I help entrepreneurs, rising leaders and organizations connect and align with the power of their why and translate that to a meaningful brand and marketing strategy. 




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What is your favorite part of
We-Flow practice?

 It’s tough to really choose ONE thing. From the perceptive of We-Flow as a practice, I love the 3 phase structure and the micro agreements. Having this container gives enough structure to the practice, while still giving enough freedom and playfulness to really facilitate flow.  From the perspective as We-Flow as a collective, I love the deep level of support that the collective provides. 

What are your gifts?

Energizing connection |  Intuitive  |  Creative |  Ideation  & innovative problem solving |  Communication | Courage & boldness | Adaptability

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • Brand, marketing & business strategy
  • Self-promotion and inner sovereignty; Accessing your power and authentic self
  • Energy healing (Reiki)
  • Health and wellbeing coach; Alternative / Natural health modalities
  • Design thinking

What are some fun facts about you?

I come from a multicultural upbringing. My father is Greek, my mother is Dutch. I was born in Spain and spent my later youth and early career in Washington D.C. I love languages, traveling and learning about new cultures, especially indigenous ones. 

I also am a music aficionado. I play the piano and cello and love dancing, or just moving my body to music. I am currently learning music production and am looking forward to producing my own music one day. 

My dream is to one day have a space nestled in nature between the mountains and the sea here in Greece that grows biodynamic food and serves as a community and retreat space for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with conscious living.