Mike was born and raised in Switzerland where he also studied system technology with focus on computer science. He worked 10 years for a successful engineering company in the med tech sector. In this time, he rose quickly through the ranks from a Junior Developer to Project Manager to Development Team Leader and finally Chief Information Officer. Although he was very successful and in a safe environment he felt unhappy.

He decided to leave his position and started on a journey around the world. His passion for kite surfing lead him to various exotic places where he enjoyed different sports activities and life itself. After the newness of these experiences subsided, he quickly realized that his real journey has to go within.

Back in Switzerland Mike started the training to become a certified life coach. Apart from learning coaching techniques, he trained his intuition and went deep into his own consciousness and beyond. His curiosity lead to various experiments like going for months with a total of only 4 hours sleep per day, being in pitch black darkness for two weeks or living in a van year round. All these experiences affected him deeply and his view of existence expanded drastically. He is now a We-Flow steward, certified life coach, certified team coach, certified regression coach and trained in live readings of the quantum field.

Nowadays he loves to be at the edge of his comfort zone and to discover life to its fullest.


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What is your favorite part of We-Flow practice?

The We-Flow community – Experiencing the beauty and possibilities when I interact with others in the We-Flow way.



What are your gifts?

  • Enabler / Opener
  • Listening
  • Intuition
  • Wide Knowledge
  • Innocence / Naiveté

What are your areas of expertise/specialties?

  • 1 on 1 Coaching with a multitude of “tools”
  • Field reading and Mental Scanning
  • Mental traveling to the past and the future
  • Discovering patterns and bringing them into awareness



What are some fun facts about you?

My voice got discovered here in Sweden! I have a newly acquired hobby doing voice overs. My signature feature, according to my friends, is my sound responses… “mmm”s, “wow”s, “oooh”s, “ahhh”s…..etc… !?!

What is your wish for the world?

I wish for the world that we will open up and show all our beauty we have to give.