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Deep dive workshop

A new breed of people-practice developed in our research lab in Amsterdam over the course of 3 years. We-Flow is at the junction between personal development, collective transformative practices, and conscious business.

We-Flow is new way of working and living that is nourishing and rewarding. We believe that it’s a good moment for us as humans to start making use of all our known and unknown capacities. We crafted a practice to set ourselves up for success in that.

It’s an all-inclusive action-oriented integration practice. It is modular and scalable, online, live, adaptable to many contexts, from professional to personal.

“The capacity for consciousness to deliver an even better human experience, is unbound.”

– Quote from an implementation session

We-Flow generates a collective flow state that develops:



in action

Upcoming Events

We-Flow Online Immersion Weekend:

Transforming work through
purpose, play, & impact

• Europe     Online    20-21 November2021 

• Tokyo        Local       23-24 October 2021 (tbc)

• Brazil        Online    15-16 January  2022