We-Flow Impact Accounting for you as a Client

Satisfaction Guarantee


Impact Accounting is an innovative way of doing business that emerged and evolved in our We-Flow professional ecosystem.
It’s our model for holding ourselves accountable for delivering actual valuable impact; impact for our clients, our coworkers, our suppliers, and their environments. We are not interested in delivering anything else than a persistent positive impact, therefore if a client does not fully subjectively receive that, we do not want to impede their capacity to still get their needs met, therefore we instantly suggest a refund, partial or full. The client decides the amount (within terms agreed).

The client doesn’t just have the option to ask a (partial) refund. The supplier will proactively seek for the level of satisfaction and explicitly ask if the client wants a refund. The supplier will also ask what would make the satisfaction level 100%. Besides a refund, the option to deliver the missing value will be offered. This could even be by arranging an intervention of experts in our collective who are differently qualified on that matter.

That way, we know without hesitation that all of the services and products that any company in the We-Flow ecosystem has been paid for, have consistently generated persistent value and positive human experience for all parties involved. The chain of “abundance” is healthy & never broken.

© Ward ‘Angelo’ Bergmans & Stephane Segatori
First published in 2020